litt om transpersoner

Her har vi linket til Parakaleo, som er en organisasjon i England som arbeider med transpersoner: Parakaleo - A Christian ministry seeking to uphold Biblical values to the transvestite, transsexual and transgendered person.

På sin nettside har de blant annet en artikkel som omhandler den psykologiske siden ved dette temaet, og som kan gi et innblikk i utviklingen av dette: The Psychopathology of “Sex Reassignment” Surgery. Se også nedenfor. 

  • first, do no harm

    Professionals thinking critically about the youth transgender narrative. Click on picture to enter website. 

  • After dealing with cross sex identity confusion for over fifty years, I am now convinced that taking hormones, living in the opposite sex role, plastic surgery and sex changes are not the way to go. Letting our children live in the opposite sex role is emotionally damaging and only causes more difficulty and social confusion for the child. Cross sex living is not and never will be a viable lifestyle.

    You can read my book on this, “DON’T GET ON THE PLANE” which details the history, the doctors and the medical malpractice behind this condition. Sold on Amazon under Rene Jax.