Her finner du lenker til andre relevante nettsider og organisasjoner. Vi går ikke nødvendigvis god for alt innholdet i disse.

  • Danmark

    Kristent Nettverk Omkring Udfordret Seksualitet


  • England

    True Freedom Trust

    'True Freedom Trust (TFT) is a UK-based teaching and pastoral support ministry that holds to the orthodox biblical view of sex, gender and relationships. Our passionate desire is to be full of grace and truth as we teach God's word in churches, conferences and Bible colleges, and as we provide pastoral care for those who struggle with same-sex temptations and gender incongruence.

    We run conferences around the UK aimed at encouraging and equipping Christians to hold firm to biblical teaching and to trust in the God of all grace in the midst of struggles and temptations.'


    Living Out


  • Internasjonalt

    the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice

    'We support LGBT dignity, but for a variety of reasons some people choose not to live a gay life, and don’t want to transition out of their birth genders. Whether it is for religious, family or sexual health reasons, or simply due to a disaffection with these lifestyles, people have the right to choose how they live their life.

    Due to the historically poor standards of care some people have received in this area, and the increasingly intolerant attitudes towards people who seek to turn from homosexuality and gender confusion, the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (IFTCC) was set up to offer people high-quality, professional and discreet support to enable them follow their life-choices.

    The IFTCC exists to help anyone experiencing unwanted relational and sexual behaviours, attractions and patterns. We are developing a worldwide network of highly-skilled practitioners, counsellors and therapists in offering research-based, scientifically grounded practise, and we are dedicated to maintaining the highest professional standards.

    The IFTCC seeks to promote a caring, non-judgemental environment where people who choose to move away from their unwanted feelings and behaviours can find the support they’re seeking. We are also concerned to offer collegial support to those who support these clients.'